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Overcoming tough moments & adapting to new realities.

We can all agree that running a business for over 40 years is not a walk in the park, it comes with lot of pressure while building & rebuilding. Citiwood lost serious market share a few years back. It was sobering and we made the decision to re-strategise and re-focus on re-building our brand, our reputation, and our people.

And then, the world was hit with a pandemic, where no one knew what to expect, and decisions had to be made. We adapted to this new reality. We invested in our people, equipment, and stock, to ensure we could maintain and provide continued efficient service to our customers. In the process of adapting to new reality, we began to regain our market share. In solidifying our reputation and providing value we collaborate with PG Bison and Sonae to ensure your spaces adapt to the new reality of phenomenal design, excellent products, and guaranteed quality.