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PG Gallery 4 Colours

NEW PG Gallery 4 Colours Gallery 4 PG Gallery 4 expressions – Available NOW “Beautiful spaces speak. They tell the stories of the people who live or work within them. Beautiful spaces are the story of us. Even when we are silent, beautiful spaces paint a picture of who we are. Beautiful spaces are expressions of […]

Wolfstone acrylic surfaces

wolfstone acrylic surfaces All the benefits of a solid worktop surface at the tip of your fingers. This revolutionary and versatile substrate is as solid as stone, but everyday woodwork tools can be used for cutting and installation. With its neat surface finishing, applications range from kitchens, to bathrooms and even medical suite applications. […]

Compact 88

compact 88 A game changing board with a variety of applications. Compact 88 tm is our 88% water resistant high fibre board which is a balanced blend of responsibly sourced wood fibers, e1 bonding agent, resins, heat and then pressure, and that is all that is needed to make one of the most versatile fiber boards […]

PG Bison Kitchen Tool

create your dream with pg bison​ We’re always looking to improve our free PG Bison Kitchen Design Tool, helping you (or your customers) quickly and easily design and customise kitchen plans. We’ve just moved the tool to a new platform to ensure it’s easily accessible on almost any device. And you’ll see the buttons look […]

NEW Sonae Woodgrains Sept 2023

new sonae woodgrains There is nothing like the warm, cosy and elegant feeling that wood decorated spaces bring. The singular characteristics of wood designs will make any space or furniture elegant, charming, inviting and welcoming. Innovus offers a complete selection of wood decors and exclusive finishes. Choose the decor that best matches your ideas. Woods […]

Overcoming tough moments & adapting to new realities.

We can all agree that running a business for over 40 years is not a walk in the park, it comes with lot of pressure while building & rebuilding. Citiwood lost serious market share a few years back. It was sobering and we made the decision to re-strategise and re-focus on re-building our brand, our reputation, and our people.

And then, the world was hit with a pandemic, where no one knew what to expect, and decisions had to be made. We adapted to this new reality. We invested in our people, equipment, and stock, to ensure we could maintain and provide continued efficient service to our customers. In the process of adapting to new reality, we began to regain our market share. In solidifying our reputation and providing value we collaborate with PG Bison and Sonae to ensure your spaces adapt to the new reality of phenomenal design, excellent products, and guaranteed quality.