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About Citiwood

Established in 1980, Citiwood is a bulk supplier and distributor of boards and related material, proudly servicing professional shopfitters, tradesman (large and small) and artisans. Our products can be used in the retail sector, all joinery manufacturing, kitchens, office furniture, and more.
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Our Philosophy

At Citiwood, we believe in craftsmanship. No matter the project, big or small, anything you build becomes part of the legacy that you leave behind. It’s something you’ll be remembered by. And so, while we’re building a company that will be remembered by exceptional service and expertise, we go to great lengths to make sure that materials we sell will be of the highest quality – something you would be happy to put your name to.

Value proposition


Part of our definitive value is great service, quality, and availability:

  • Knowledgeable sales teams, striving to meet customer needs and expectations
  • Efficient and on-time delivery, directly to your desired location
  • Trading in bulk and break-bulk to suit your project scale
  • Site visits by our sales teams to fully understand customer’s needs
  • Sampling of board colours and finishes
  • Hassle-free online ordering function on our website
  • Project showcase of your projects on our website and social media
Value proposition

Product Distribution Profile

We proudly stock and partner with the following brands:
Carrying bulk ranges of the most popular colours and finishes, so you don’t have to.

  • PG Bison
  • Sonae Arauco
  • Novolam
  • Surface Studio
  • Wolfstone Acrylic surfaces
  • Compact 88 MDF boards
  • York Timber
  • Ranges of Plywoods, Hardboards, and Veneers

Our Mission

At Citiwood we believe that it’s more than just board. We never get “board” with service.
We never get “board” with customers. We believe in more than just selling board. We go out of our way to understand our customers, so we can service their needs.
We believe that we, our customers, and us form a team that will always be supportive of each other.

Our Vision

To reinforce the Citiwood Brand as the trusted name in boards, delighting customers with exceptional service.
Our vision has always been to provide the best quality products that are responsibly sourced, locally and internationally.
As well as offering uncompromising service and delivery standards.


Die Wille Wille Honne

As you will see the Citiwood team often refer to themselves as the Wille Wille Honne – and this story behind the Wille Wille Honne, is derived from a majestic animal that goes by many names – the African Wild dog, the African painted dog, or the African hunting dog.
The African Wild dog is the largest canine in Africa, they are known to be specialised diurnal pack hunters, which means they catch their prey by chasing them to exhaustion. They are extremely intelligent, and survival is all around the pack. In saying that the team at Citiwood has the same instinct and is just as tenacious.
We adopted the spirit of the Wille Wille Honne, and in honour of that, introduced a Mascot and gave it their name “MABECO”.

Sketching Life by Transforming Concepts into 3D design

PG Bison and their 3D kitchen design tool helps to create individual, aesthetically stunning designs. Easy to use with prepopulated templates, plans and products.

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Meet Our Team

If a man is only as good as his tools, then a company is only as good as the people who work there. That being said, we would like to introduce you to the exceptional designers, consultants, salesforce and warehouse members that have created the exceptional environment we call Citiwood. These men and women have created a culture built on mentorship and teamwork, creatively finding ways to innovate for constant incremental improvements. If they are our tools, our legacy will be long remembered.

Riaan Nieuwenhuizen

Riaan Nieuwenhuizen

[ Branch Manager ]
Thinus Otto

Thinus Otto

[ Branch Manager ]
Roelof van der Merwe

Roelof van der Merwe

[ Branch Manager ]

Simulating Decorative Solutions

Innovus Decorative Products to meet Fantasy, Sustainability, Comfort and Practical requirements, incorporated in an online simulation tool for easy conceptual design.